Monday, December 21, 2009

Presents for me and others!!

Ok, it has been a while, so here is what I have been doing. Firstly, I have started the bat shawl, and only have the bottom diamond done, but so far so good. Now, I did finish my bat scarf, made my using the bat cloth pattern over and over. Here it is!

Then, I made a scarf for my Mom for Christmas. She wanted the tulip pattern, so I did the tulip cloth pattern, then did the basket weave continuing from it for the length. I love that basketweave. It looks really hard, but is soooo easy!

Then, I did another separate tulip cloth, and attached it to the other end. I did it that way so the tulip wouldn't be upside down on the other end. The sides of the cloth curl under a little, and I don't know how to prevent that, so if anyone can tell me.. let me know. I think she may like it. Here is a photo. What next. Well I have to make something for my Favorite Author/Novel exchange... hmmmm what will that be? Stay tuned...