Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Harry Potter swap gifts to Iamsta

Here, in a nutshell, are the knitted/crocheted things I made.
Snape ... transfiguration spelled into Mr. Spock.
Wand mitts with Gryffindor colored owls and her full name in Runes.

                                 A phoenix feather quill, and a time turner tape measure.

These are the needlwork handmades. Here is a photo of all of her gifts.
And yes, I made her a wand from my Ash tree with a phoenix feather (cardinal) core. It is able to be
openned to see the feather.
Shawl pin, tote, seeds,  stitch markers, patterns and more.
I am glad she loved it all.

BBC Baby.. What I got... wow..

I received the most awesome package from plainsimplegarak! I begin by saying upon opening the box, the first package that said  me first.. was treats for Rebel.  These kept him busy while I sorted out the rest.. oh my..
Each package was labeled with a photo and a message from the Doctor of that number.
Ok so what I got..
Doctor 1..the treats for Rebel

 Doctor 2 Gel pens

Doctor 3 mmmm hazelnut coffee
Doctor 4 Jelly Babies!
Doctor 6 Cool decal of his name
Doctor 7 cable needles!love
Doctor 8 and David Rimmer...BEAUTIFUL HAT!

Doctor 9 Hitchhikers Guide jounal book!

Doctor 10 .. lovely smooshy yarn!

Doctor 10 mini lego of himself.. so cute!

Doctor 11... Dishcloth for my afghan collection of the DW logo!
And finally.. in the 12th package, I thought I might cry.. these terribly awesome, fantastic
TARDIS socks!! OMG!!  I had them 'faved' but I never thought I would get them!
Wow wow wow. And.. they fit me perfectly!
I am so thankful to psg for spoiling me so very rotten!!!!!