Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Uuuunnnnnnnnnnnnn! That is what you say after a Zombie bites a hole in your head!
Here is my "Zombie ate my brain" Hat!!! I am in an exchange group on Ravelry, and found out recently
that they were going to have an Apocalypse/Zombie exchange next year. Well, I thought up this hat for it, and began working on it to see if I could do it. I knitted a basic hat, crocheted a little disk and sewed the disk inside the hat. Turned the hat right side out, and... GASP!... cut the hat open! That was really hard to do, as I had knitted the hat pretty nicely. Then I made brain matter from I-cord, and sewed it to the disk. I sewed little red veins into the brain and blood onto the hat for effect. I know, I know, there is no blood in the brain, but it looks creepier!  Really, I am a "pretty normal" person, but a friend of mine got me hooked on zombie video games a few years ago, so, that is why I thought this would be fuuuuunnnnnnn.
Here Rebel models the Brain Hat.

Monday, October 19, 2009

wooo WHO

Ta dah! I am very proud to present my Owl Gloves! First let me say, this is not my pattern, I got if off of Ravelry. Ok, now...this is the very first pair of gloves I have ever made. And, only the second cable pattern I have ever done.  I know, I know, there are mistakes in the finished product. It seems I can't knit without making mistakes. I really don't know how it happens either! But, they turned out, and I am very pleased with them.  I used 8" double pointed needles, or dpns as they are called. That is sort of long for dpns, but I want to make sure my stitches don't fall off. And, they didn't.  I am thinking of making another pair, to match another coat I have.  There is also an owl sweater I have been eyeing. But, I KNOW I can't make a sweater, so I saw where someone make a poncho like thing from that pattern, so, that is what I am thinking of making. We shall see. Christmas is coming soon, so, I will have to put that project on hold, as I have a couple of Christmas gifts I want to try to make. Anyway... I love my gloves...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brain slug

oh, poor Rebel has contracted a Brain Slug! This 'cute' little guy is from Futurama.. I saw some on Ravelry, and had to have one. I didn't use the pattern, because though I know very basically how to crochet, (don't ask me what stitches are what!) I can't follow a pattern. So, here he is.. free handed!
Don't worry, Rebel is ok!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cable Owl Cowl

YEAH! I just learned how to do a cable! I saw this pattern on Ravelry, and I thought it would really neat to wear to the next Harry Potter movie.  It is called the Owl Cowl.  It was pretty easy, I must say, and I love the little owls! I have to get little buttons to sew on for the eyes. The cowl came out the size the pattern said, but it was a little small for me, ( I have a large head, and also neck!) So, I wet it and stretched it a little. I may make another, this time adding 2 more owls, which only involves doing a repeat of the 'repeats' she has in the pattern. No prob. I LOVE IT!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Knitting for fun!

I saw this hat and I couldn't resist making it. It was reallllly easy, even for me. Now my Mom wants one! It is called the No hair (bad hair) day hat.  It actually fits me, but I thought Rebel made a better model!!