Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lord of the Rings swap "Received"

                                                  Ready to be jealous?
I got this awesome box from my spoiler's boyfriend. And it was his idea to send this little note and key ahead of the package to intrigue me! Rebel was very interested in this lambas bread package.. it had doggie treats in it!  Here is the box with everything.. lots of my favorite treats, but none I could get here in the US, as this package came from Canada.  Awesome yarn in my favorite color, the little wooden box filled with rock salt,  the needle roll of purple and green ( my fav color combo), the oh, so cute origami  Fell Beast and Mumakil, the hand made Elven brooch, and OH the socks! They are my first pair of hand knit socks, they have an cool Celtic cable on them, Elvish writing, and they fit perfectly!  They are meant to reflect the Rohan.. and they do beautifully! I was so totally spoiled in this swap.. thanks soo much again to LessiaS and her boyfriend!

Video Game swap

Here is what I made for my spoilee, battlegirlai. It is a Cornet doll, from the game Rhapsody. (her fave game) She is all crocheted, except for her knitted scarf. I am so glad she liked her!

Here is the picture I used as a guide.
Also, I designed this Yar's Revenge Cloth. (another fave). I had to learn intarsia and duplicate stitch to make it.. yeah! Anyone interested and contact me about the pattern.