Thursday, February 28, 2013

Zombie Girl...Lori Grimes

So, the Knitting Dead group I am in decided to have a contest. We are to create a zombie girl, and the winning girl will be shipped to each of the members to have a photo op with each of us. Think, travelling gnome? Anyway, I decided to create a Lori Grimes doll.
 Lori, for those who don't know, was on the Walking Dead. She was the wife of Rick, the leader of the survivors, and she was always 'misplacing' her child Carl, and stirring up trouble. Anyway she died a pretty horrible death in childbirth, and then Carl, her 13 yr old son, had to shoot her in the head to prevent her from becoming a zombie. Poor kid. Anyway, my Zombie Girl doll is based on what Lori may have become if Carl's bullet had somehow missed its mark, and she had become a zombie.

Zombie Lori Grimes
Back of ZLG (brain with Carl's bullet sticking out)
Scary face!!!
So bad.. she scared Rebel!!!
Wish me luck that my ZGL wins!


First Ever Knitting Dead BOB Swap!

Hello! As you may know, I am on Ravelry. There are many many 'groups' on there, and one of mine is called The Knitting Dead... based on The Walking Dead tv show. We talk about the show, watch the show together, and knit, among other things, Zombies.
Well, we just had our first swap, and it was a doozy! The BOB in the title is for Bug out Bag. It is the bag you have prepacked with whatever you need to survive. We had to create a bag for our swap partner. Here is what I created for my swap partner, Coleyann. As you can see, she has a bag, a brain bag, Kindle cover(with Dalek and Tardis), Arrow ink pen, Zombie shawl pin, Dalek hat, Zombie pin cushion, T shirt, survival kit, Cashmere yarn, earrings, Zombie stitch markers, fabric buttons,keychain and toy of our beloved Daryl, patterns and treats for her and her dog. I had a ball creating most everything.
And here, is what I received from my spoiler, WonderWhyGal. She has her own business, and sent me a BUNCH of stuff that she usually sells. Oh was I spoiled!
Two, count them two books, Rick Grimes doll, chocolate Daryl's motorcycle, bat ribbon, knitting wash, bat stickers, so cute zombie stitch markers, awesome wet felted bag with zombie pins (really? this thing took a ton of work!!), TWD calendar, Bat Bag, a project bag from her business with a cute alpaca on it, sweet little knitted bat I named Dixon, Goat milk soaps, Yeti breath lip balm(it is soooo smoooth!) great smelling little candle, and the yarn, oh the yarn! Four skeins of awesome alpaca!!! So soft! I was really spoiled!!!
Here is the first Zombie Feltie I made from the book. I love him!