Saturday, April 30, 2011

Doctor Who swap... OMG!

I received my Ravelry Odd Ducks group Doctor Who swap package from Paula. Wowowowowow!
Look! First of all.. the package.. so cute the ithe ducks! And Rebel was so excited my sister had to hold him back after this picture 'cos he wouldn't stay out of the box!

The sparkly packages wrapped with pretty yarn and stickers!

Then... first opened.. I clutched these to me stating 'I love her!"..
Tardis Socks! Wow. I wanted these so very much! I even tried to make some for
myself, and failed miserably. The pattern says cast on something like 72?.. well even using bigger
yarn and larger needles.. they weren't big enough. But these.. yeah! These fit!!!

Then I found a hand made "River Song" Journal. So cool, it looks like the Tardis and the
paper is canvas.  There are also little apple flavored mints, yum, a tiny
Tardis repurposed tin that contained this awesome 'Don't Blink' Angel necklace!
Then I found this oh, so cute project bag made from the Spoonflower
11 Doctors fabric! Yes, they are all there and so cute!
And the Adipose yarn. Wow... so soft and cool! It came with the little pin too! What shall I make
with this!

And what? Kinder Eggs! You are kidding me?
There was a discussion about these eggs, which are chocolate eggs
that contain a toy, on Ravelry. About how hard they are to get.
And I get 4! wowow.
Finally..the reason Rebel was so excited. She included some
treats for him! He loved them. Which is cool, because he can be very
picky about treats, but he wanted to eat all of them! I made him share with
his visiting cousins, Brittany and Rascal.

 Did I get spoiled or what? Yes yes I did. Thanks so much Paula!

And on another note.. here is what I made for my spoilee...holynarf.
She stated that she would love to have the Tilting Tardis cowl. Well, now she has it! I made the
Seal of Rassilon buttons to go on it. It was tough to make, but so pretty.
The Tardis mitts, I had made myself a pair, and she also wanted these, so I whipped her
up a pair too.
She said she liked project bags.. so.. I made her a Doctor 5 tote! I hand painted the
Doctor's coat and celery onto the tote.
Tardis tatted bookmark? Well, yes! This is not my pattern, but I did
add the white beads.
These stitch markers I made because she loves Doctor 5. His 'thing' is celery.
I also made the Key to time for her, and the Adipose and Weeping Angel stitchmarkers.
This is a wine box. Or so it said in the store. I painted it to look like the Tardis. Now she
can put anything she wants in it. Needles, yarn, anything.

She didn't want painted shoes, so I made this little dumpling purse and
painted the Tardis on it for her! I thought it was so cute, I made myself one, too! I had the
space fabric, and painted the Tardis.
Steampunk phone or keychain fob. Tardis blue beads and a some
wibbley wobbley stuff in a bottle. See the teensy Tardis inside?
I made that from fimo.
The Doctor Who cursive shawl pin. I had this idea, and I think it is sort of
cool and unique.  It is all one piece of wire, bent to spell out Doctor Who.
I also made the little stickpin.
Finally... she REALLY  wanted some of this fabric. So I got it for her.
I didn't want to ruin it by trying to sew anything with it.. so she got the whole piece
to do with as she pleases!
I also sent chocolates, stationery, patterns and such. But these are the things I am
proudest of. Hope she likes it all!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fantasy Creature swap!

Ok, the last swap I took part in on Ravelry was the Fantasy Creature swap.  Here is what I received from my spoiler...wait for it... wait for it...
A Dragon Shawl! Isn't it fantastic?  I have never received a shawl in a swap before, and I love this one because, A) it looks like a dragon's back, B) It is named Ruth after one of my very favorite dragons in Dragonriders of Pern, C) it is plenty big enough for me!
It was made by Adreeyen (her Rav name). She also sent me these goodies..
Witch Craft book, with tons of Halloweeny crafts, a diy frame with a dragon on it, knitting witch fabric, dragyn blood(aka Hot Tamales!)an adorable little blue Gnome, a lovely handmade shawl pin, Dragyn breath(hot pepper flakes) Perntyne gum (Dentyne fire gum, yum!) and these cute little circular needles.
Yes, I was spoiled rotten by Adreeyen.. thanks again!

Here is what I sent to my spoilee..Blushed.
I sent an example of each of her 5 favorite creatures. So...
Vampires. She mentioned that she wanted these little Twilight finger puppets, and no one had made
them for her, so I did.
I also made her the little gargoyle,  and took a gargoyle photo I found online and made a stencil to make
this t shirt. The Stitch markers are of a little gnome knitting. Also, for her love of zombies.. my very own designed.. brainbag.

Also for the Twilight movie, I sent a wolf and heart Bella received in the Eclipse movie. The tote bag.. I found a picture of a Gnome holding a child, and did my paintshop magic on it, now he is knitting. I called the bag Gnome Gnitting!
Here are her 'extra' goodies, Elf cookies, seeds, yarn, and a very cute gnome mitten pattern.

The next swap I will be showing will be the Doctor Who swap... I can hardly wait to see what I get for that. I LOVE Doctor Who!!!