Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Zoo swap!

I just received my Zoo swap package a few days ago.  I was spoiled by the great pasluv2002.
Here's the swag...
First, very very cute little lemur and polar bear amigurumi! You can't see the lemur's tail but it is so big and funny... cute. The polar bear has sparkly filament crocheted in to make him look icy.
Next, she sent a pattern of a Red Tail Boa Constrictor.... AND all the yarn with which to make him! Wow.
Here's the rest.. yummy Zebra cakes(I had never had these before, veryyyy good)
Chocolate/pomegranate bar(goes without saying but I will.. YUM)
zebra tote, Burt's bees salve and lip balm, and a zoo key from her local zoo in Texas!
Thanks so much pasluv2002!

Ok now, here are the handmades I made for my spoilee, Nanishiori..
an Okapi amigurumi, koala tape measure, stitch markers, tote with a cloth pattern of an okapi( I made this up and I think it turned out pretty good!) and last but not least, a notepad with a tatted koala on it!

of course I sent other goodies too, I am just showing the things I made.

A little behind..

oops. I am a little behind on reporting my swaps! Yikes!
Ok, so the one right after the Doctor Who swap was the Garden/Nature swap.. here is what I received from Nittanyknits.
First, I received these cute little stitch markers as a pre-gift! Cool. This lovely card was also enclosed.
Then, I got the big package. Yeah!
Look at it all. She made the oh-so-cute black bat garden gnome, what a great idea. She also sent temporary tattoos, Halloween fabrics, BEEEAUTIFUL Noro yarn, a project bag she made(it looks professional), chocolates, a Butterfly dishcloth, (which is the first in my "made by my Rav friends afghan project") flower scented perfumes, wonderful handmade soap(it smells SO good) a metal butterfly magnet, pens and sticky pad collection, butterfly notes, magnetic notebook, a smudge stick to rid my home of undesirable spirits, a very cute bee afghan pattern, a carrot with jellybeans in it, and two geocashing dogtags.
Wow what a haul! Thanks so much to Nittanyknits!
Close up of the gnome, cloth and Noro.

This is what I made for my spoilee.. thehysterian.
The handmades are an owl purse, leaf dishcloth, Steampunk style owl necklace, Fairy garden with mandrake, and a birdseed bag tote. Ok now, to the last swap I just received..see next blogpost.