Friday, November 18, 2011

Ghost Swap goodness!

Another fabulous Ravelry swap has ended. The Ghost Stories swap. Here are the goodies I received from the wonderful Megdoula!
First of all, I received this very cool Photo box with spider webs on it. Do I need a photo box, heck yes! Also SweeTarts and yummy Choc. Raspberry Dove.. oh my, so decadent!
There was a Harry Potter card with a lovely note as well.
And, why was Rebel so interested in this box? He got some yummy treats and this oh, so, cute Halloween collar with little bats on it!
The dishcloth with the bat, is sort of a request. I wished that each of my spoilers would send me one dishcloth so that I could make a swap afghan. This is the second 5th one I have received!
She also send this BEAUTIFUL yarn! Wow, it is prettier in person. Awesome Spoonflower fabric swatch with vampires on it for my Halloween quilt, cute ceramic ghost, and handmade Halloween bottle cap magnets. So clever.
And last but not least, actually my favorite thing, a needle felted necklace of
Zero, the ghost dog from the Nightmare Before Christmas! I love it soooo much! I don't know
 how she did such small detail.. it is great
Thanks again Megdoula!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Another blog giveaway from a bowl full of lemons

Hey, over at a bowl full of lemons, they are having another give-away! This time it is for a cool $31 gift certificate to Thirty-One organizing products!
Go check it out!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Watch here for Dr Seuss

I am in a Dr. Seuss swap at the moment. I have created 3 patterns. I can't show them yet, but when I can, I am going to be selling them for $2 each or all for $5. They are super cute, especially if you like Dr. Seuss!

Spider panel

This is a pattern I found on Ravelry. It is supposed to be a purse, but, I think it will be a pillow, as I have 4 Halloween purses. Isn't it great? It is based on a Barbara Walker pattern in her book 3, Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns. It is large enough for a small pillow. Love..

Monday, October 17, 2011


I had a great idea this morning. I put up one of those 'command' hangers, painted it black, hung an old frame I had painted black on it, and tied my dear spider to the hanger. I love how she looks. 3D hanging out of the frame!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Halloween Spider.. done!

Here she is... isn't she lovely!.. and spooky!
She is a pattern by Hansi Singh (sp). I LOVE  how she turned out.
I did the pattern on her back free hand in duplicate stitch. The original pattern calls for just
making stripes, but I didn't want that.

Halloween Spider

I started working on my huge Halloween spider on Friday. I finished most of the legs that day. Saturday, I started the body. Finished the knitting of the body last night, and then did the duplicate stitch on it to make it look like a marbled orb weaver. I had planned a pattern, but the stitches are not in rows, per se, so that plan went out the windos. I just sort of free handed it. It came out very nice! I think this spider will be a very pretty one. I finished the fangs, and started knitting it together, well, I messed up and got off course, so I ripped it out and started again. That is where I am now.. knitting the fangs and legs together to make the head.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Favorite Movie swap.. what I made my partner.

Oh, I have been remiss! Here is what I sent my partner, Mothlight. Her favorite three movies where Coraline, La Belle et la Bete (French version of Beauty and the Beast), and Tremors.
               First of all.. Tremors. OMGosh how I loved making this Graboid for her! I really didn't want to send it once it was finished!  For those of you who don't know the movie, they are giant worm things that travel underground..really fast, and come up and eat you. They have snake like tongues, well, you can see in the photo. I also made her a dishcloth that mimics the license plate of one of the characters who is.. shall we say.. a gun nut. It says UZI 4 U.

Next, we have her favorite movie, Coraline. In this movie, a doll is found that looks just like her. So, I found a photo of my spoilee online, in a sweater she had just knitted for herself. I made her Coraline doll look just like her.
She also got a key necklace and
... a necklace of Coraline's blue octo toy, button bracelet, spider stitch markers. The hand holding the candle is from the Beauty and Beast movie.(candle holder for a cupcake)
Next, because I could, I made her some copies of things she wanted on Etsy..bird necklace, caterpillar necklace and Coraline looking stone earrings and necklace.
From La Belle et la Bete, which I could only watch online in 9 short videos which made up the whole movie..
The Beast's magic glove, and a key fob with a Rose, key and a photo from the movie.
It really is a hoot to see this movie! It is in French, though it has subtitles. The thing is from the 40's, and is so kooky! You should check it out!
I also sent some little bee buttons she wanted, and a pattern.. Paper Dolls. I had a blast making this stuff!

Favorite Movie swap is here!

I had a long wait for my swap package, but it was well worth the wait.  Thanks to the wonderful Mullub.
Here are the pictures..
Here is a photo of everything.. except an extra pattern she sent me as a 'sorry it was so late' gift. The pattern was for Smoke Ring.. a Lord of the Rings pattern from Susan Pandorf. I covet all of her patterns, they are so lovely.
In this picture you see the Red Namaste needle holder case, Imagination Looking Glass yarn from Knitpicks, Alice in Wonderland project bag, dark blue sandstone stitch markers, Tim Burton Movie book, Duck stickpins, duck candies,  Susan Bates Circular needles,  Soak x2, BEAUTIFUL Alice in Wonderland Victorian Cuffs!
Close ups of the great gifts.
She did a great job of stalking me. I LOVE  the cuffs. I put them on with my Denim jacket, and they look so fantastic! The bag is to die for, so handy and I love the fabric. The stitch markers, well I have loved sandstone for ages.. and blue? Gorgeous.
The book was quite interesting. All about Tim's movies, of which I am a fan. The needle case well, that is just opulent. haha. Love it.
The yarn, I love, as I just really love the Imagination yarns. I can make the Smoke Ring from it, and probably will! If you are watching, thanks for the great swap package, Mullub!

Halloween Knitting

I am currently in a Ghost Stories swap on Ravelry, so I am in the mood for making Halloween things. I have most of her things finished, just a couple small things to go.
I have decided to do spiders for Halloween this year. I am knitting the Hansi Singh(sp) Spider at the moment. I had to learn to do a wrap and turn, no problem. I have all the legs finished, and have started the body. I am making it more of a Halloween Orb Weaver. I am knitting the legs and head in black, and the abdomen in Orange. I will duplicate stitch in a weaver pattern on the abdomen in black when it is finished. I would have done it in intarsia or fair isle, but I didn't know and couldn't find out, where I should begin to have it centered on the back.  I have also learned how to M1L and M1R. Oh, how I love the internet! I have learned everything about knitting (correctly) from the internet. My sister showed me how to knit many many years ago, but only the very simple cast on, which I never use now, and actual knitting the stitches.. was all backwards and wrong. Now, I know how to do so much more and correctly, I am having a ball. Watch this page for pics of the Spider to come...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Whovian mittens really finished!

Ok, here is a photo of them.. completely finished. What a difference that little TARDIS light makes (at least to me).
My current knitting project is another Wa na na na na na na na Bat shawl. I am making it from fingering weight yarn(so little), that I bought from Etsy originally to make one. My first try with this yarn was a disaster, as I was really new to knitting and messed up practically every row. This time, knock wood, it is going much better.
So far..

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I have been on an intarsia kick this month! I am usually busy with swaps, but I didn't have one this month, so, I have been making myself some things.
Geek alert!
Star Trek hat. I love this hat! It has many ships from the different incarnations of Star Trek. Also, the gold Delta shield imblems..
 I used larger yarn and needles, because by the description, I thought it would be too small. It is a tiny large, but I can still wear it and it is a beauty to look at.
Doctor Who Mittens!! I really love these. I changed the pattern(chart) a little as there was a fish in one section. I didn't recall who or what the fish was, so I made the Classic Question mark instead. Daleks, K-9, bowties... so fun! I need to put the light at the top of the TARDIS with duplicate stitch.. and done.
Just in time for the Doctor Who season premiere tonight!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Zoo swap!

I just received my Zoo swap package a few days ago.  I was spoiled by the great pasluv2002.
Here's the swag...
First, very very cute little lemur and polar bear amigurumi! You can't see the lemur's tail but it is so big and funny... cute. The polar bear has sparkly filament crocheted in to make him look icy.
Next, she sent a pattern of a Red Tail Boa Constrictor.... AND all the yarn with which to make him! Wow.
Here's the rest.. yummy Zebra cakes(I had never had these before, veryyyy good)
Chocolate/pomegranate bar(goes without saying but I will.. YUM)
zebra tote, Burt's bees salve and lip balm, and a zoo key from her local zoo in Texas!
Thanks so much pasluv2002!

Ok now, here are the handmades I made for my spoilee, Nanishiori..
an Okapi amigurumi, koala tape measure, stitch markers, tote with a cloth pattern of an okapi( I made this up and I think it turned out pretty good!) and last but not least, a notepad with a tatted koala on it!

of course I sent other goodies too, I am just showing the things I made.

A little behind..

oops. I am a little behind on reporting my swaps! Yikes!
Ok, so the one right after the Doctor Who swap was the Garden/Nature swap.. here is what I received from Nittanyknits.
First, I received these cute little stitch markers as a pre-gift! Cool. This lovely card was also enclosed.
Then, I got the big package. Yeah!
Look at it all. She made the oh-so-cute black bat garden gnome, what a great idea. She also sent temporary tattoos, Halloween fabrics, BEEEAUTIFUL Noro yarn, a project bag she made(it looks professional), chocolates, a Butterfly dishcloth, (which is the first in my "made by my Rav friends afghan project") flower scented perfumes, wonderful handmade soap(it smells SO good) a metal butterfly magnet, pens and sticky pad collection, butterfly notes, magnetic notebook, a smudge stick to rid my home of undesirable spirits, a very cute bee afghan pattern, a carrot with jellybeans in it, and two geocashing dogtags.
Wow what a haul! Thanks so much to Nittanyknits!
Close up of the gnome, cloth and Noro.

This is what I made for my spoilee.. thehysterian.
The handmades are an owl purse, leaf dishcloth, Steampunk style owl necklace, Fairy garden with mandrake, and a birdseed bag tote. Ok now, to the last swap I just received..see next blogpost.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Swappy Goodness!

Another awesome swap has come and gone. But, oh, my children.. this one was so important. This was the Doctor Who swap! I had been waiting for this all year! First I will show you what I received from my most fabulous spoiler, Paula.
This package arrived in the mail. Note the so cute little 'evil' ducks on the tape. (I saved them!)
Inside everything was wrapped in sparkly papers with little star stickers and glittery blue yarn(saved that too!).
Serendipitously.. the first package I openned.. was the socks. Oh how I wanted those socks. I hugged them and said aloud..'I LOVE her!!(My sister and Rebel were watching me open everything, so I wasn't just talking to myself, though, I probably would have..)
They fit, and I love those socks! She also made me this cute project bag from the wonderful DW fabric from It even has a pocket on the outside! Fabulous yarn in Adipose colorway.. what will I make from this! Plus the cute pin!. She handmade River's journal for me.. it looks just like River's. A little tin of apple mints, and the little repurposed tin with the TARDIS held the oh, so, scary, Blink Angel necklace! EEEEEk.
I had written that I would love to get a kinder egg.. which are extremely hard to get in the US.. and she sent me 4! Wow. Below them is what was inside them, not to mention the nommy chocolate. Lastly, she sent treats for my sweet! He loved them, and he is usually picky about treats! Thanks so much to Paula for spoiling me rotten!

Ok, here is a one shot of the things I made for holynarf. She especially likes Doctor number 5.. so, her package was more or less him.. and the TARDIS. The cowl is called Tilting was, for some reason, hard for me to make, but I preservered! The mitts,.. no sweat.  I painted the tote to look like DW#5's Cricket outfit. The Tardis wine box, painted, Tatted Tardis, Steampunk Tardis in bottle fob, Spoonflower Fabric, Doctor Who cursive shawl pin, celery, angel, and adipose stitch markers, and Tardis dumpling bag. I am so sorry this swap is over. It was a lot of fun! Plus, our group set a record of over 30,000 posts!!! We had 77, I believe, swappers in this swap.. but wow, 30,000? That is unbelievable!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Doctor Who swap... OMG!

I received my Ravelry Odd Ducks group Doctor Who swap package from Paula. Wowowowowow!
Look! First of all.. the package.. so cute the ithe ducks! And Rebel was so excited my sister had to hold him back after this picture 'cos he wouldn't stay out of the box!

The sparkly packages wrapped with pretty yarn and stickers!

Then... first opened.. I clutched these to me stating 'I love her!"..
Tardis Socks! Wow. I wanted these so very much! I even tried to make some for
myself, and failed miserably. The pattern says cast on something like 72?.. well even using bigger
yarn and larger needles.. they weren't big enough. But these.. yeah! These fit!!!

Then I found a hand made "River Song" Journal. So cool, it looks like the Tardis and the
paper is canvas.  There are also little apple flavored mints, yum, a tiny
Tardis repurposed tin that contained this awesome 'Don't Blink' Angel necklace!
Then I found this oh, so cute project bag made from the Spoonflower
11 Doctors fabric! Yes, they are all there and so cute!
And the Adipose yarn. Wow... so soft and cool! It came with the little pin too! What shall I make
with this!

And what? Kinder Eggs! You are kidding me?
There was a discussion about these eggs, which are chocolate eggs
that contain a toy, on Ravelry. About how hard they are to get.
And I get 4! wowow.
Finally..the reason Rebel was so excited. She included some
treats for him! He loved them. Which is cool, because he can be very
picky about treats, but he wanted to eat all of them! I made him share with
his visiting cousins, Brittany and Rascal.

 Did I get spoiled or what? Yes yes I did. Thanks so much Paula!

And on another note.. here is what I made for my spoilee...holynarf.
She stated that she would love to have the Tilting Tardis cowl. Well, now she has it! I made the
Seal of Rassilon buttons to go on it. It was tough to make, but so pretty.
The Tardis mitts, I had made myself a pair, and she also wanted these, so I whipped her
up a pair too.
She said she liked project bags.. so.. I made her a Doctor 5 tote! I hand painted the
Doctor's coat and celery onto the tote.
Tardis tatted bookmark? Well, yes! This is not my pattern, but I did
add the white beads.
These stitch markers I made because she loves Doctor 5. His 'thing' is celery.
I also made the Key to time for her, and the Adipose and Weeping Angel stitchmarkers.
This is a wine box. Or so it said in the store. I painted it to look like the Tardis. Now she
can put anything she wants in it. Needles, yarn, anything.

She didn't want painted shoes, so I made this little dumpling purse and
painted the Tardis on it for her! I thought it was so cute, I made myself one, too! I had the
space fabric, and painted the Tardis.
Steampunk phone or keychain fob. Tardis blue beads and a some
wibbley wobbley stuff in a bottle. See the teensy Tardis inside?
I made that from fimo.
The Doctor Who cursive shawl pin. I had this idea, and I think it is sort of
cool and unique.  It is all one piece of wire, bent to spell out Doctor Who.
I also made the little stickpin.
Finally... she REALLY  wanted some of this fabric. So I got it for her.
I didn't want to ruin it by trying to sew anything with it.. so she got the whole piece
to do with as she pleases!
I also sent chocolates, stationery, patterns and such. But these are the things I am
proudest of. Hope she likes it all!