Thursday, September 30, 2010

Here...kitty kitty kitty...

I have had a thing for vintage Halloween cats for a long time.(though I am not a big cat fan in real life)
 I decided to make myself one. Here is my kitty... Halle Ween. She is all crocheted, except her facial features are felt. I got the idea for her cute little smile from somewhere online. I just love her! After making her candy corn, I realized I had make the middle part yellow and it should be orange. Oh well, make another.  I am going to make her a dress or something from some of the Halloween fabric I have in my stash.
Today, I started making a similar Halloween bat. So far, he is adorable! I need to make his wings and legs and he will be finished too. Maybe a cape or little vest from Halloween fabric for him.
His name will be Sam Hain. Which is the Gaelic term for summer's end. It isn't really pronounced Sam Hain.. more like Sow-in, but..that is going to be his name.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Zombie/Apocalypse Swap September 2010

Here are all the things my spoilee vestasahla got from me! I was so excited by this swap, I got finished early and sent it all out already. we go..
the brain bag
I LOVE THIS! I even made myself one, but with bats inside!

The Armadillo of Darkness.
She said she liked armadillos, so, now she has a zombie one!
Stone throwing scarf.
The end of this scarf has a little pocket in it to hold stones to sling at zombies, or
in a more normal time, hold some money, credit card or snack!
In one of her fav color combos.

Zombie project bag.
 I got the bag at the $1 store, made these stencils and voila! She is a dancer
that is why it says what it does on the front.
This other picture is the back.
Candies, toys, pins, and such for the zombie-phile. Zombie duck, name tag, Skully ice cube tray, tattoos, project bag. Brain candies, and brain flavored mints. yuck! The awesome shirt came with the half mask! Yarns for milady..
Finally, a zombie related toy for her kitty. Notice the "fur brainz!"
She doesn't post much, so I hope she liked everything!