Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The newest swap.. Zombies!!

Well, ok, Zombies or Apocalypse. But since my spoilee likes the zombie scenario.. let's go with that. Here is one of the things I made her. It is called a Brainbag. I made it up myself! You can carry your essentials in it, but if a zombie attacks, you can throw it on the ground as a decoy brain and get away!
I also had this idea for a project bag, and made a stencil from transparency paper, and ta-dah, a zombie project bag is born. Made myself one, too!

Here is another thing I made, and since she probably won't look here, it shouldn't give it away.
I made a zombie armadillo! Complete with brain coming out of his little head, and a rib showing on his side.

My Disney swap received!

I got my Disney swap from my spoiler Studioloo! Check it out. My favorite movie was Fantasia, and she had a hard time finding Fantasia themed items. Here is what I got. The hat she made with all types of yarns the front being alpaca and oh, so soft! And it fits great.
She sent me a Pookaloo Mickey Mouse, which Rebel wanted, a tree to grow, and the little jar she handmade with the mushrooms. It is now a ring holder.
The necklace has all dog pictures on it, as she knows I love me some dogs! A pretty stitch marker, and an antique Mickey skiing pin. Also, a needle tatting booklet I didn't have. The yarns.. I love both for different reasons. She hand dyed them both, and they are both so different, but lovely!
Thanks again Studioloo!