Monday, December 21, 2009

Presents for me and others!!

Ok, it has been a while, so here is what I have been doing. Firstly, I have started the bat shawl, and only have the bottom diamond done, but so far so good. Now, I did finish my bat scarf, made my using the bat cloth pattern over and over. Here it is!

Then, I made a scarf for my Mom for Christmas. She wanted the tulip pattern, so I did the tulip cloth pattern, then did the basket weave continuing from it for the length. I love that basketweave. It looks really hard, but is soooo easy!

Then, I did another separate tulip cloth, and attached it to the other end. I did it that way so the tulip wouldn't be upside down on the other end. The sides of the cloth curl under a little, and I don't know how to prevent that, so if anyone can tell me.. let me know. I think she may like it. Here is a photo. What next. Well I have to make something for my Favorite Author/Novel exchange... hmmmm what will that be? Stay tuned...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Send me your good thoughts!

I need them, as I am trying something very adventurous! I have just started the Bat Shawl. Oh, I know I have only been knitting for about 6 months, but I REALLY want this shawl. I bought the yarn online, and it is beautiful, I must say. Here is a photo. Dark variations of purples to dark blues and black. This is the first time I have ever knitted with lace yarn. It is quite the challenge. I had to buy bamboo needles, because the yarn kept sliding off of the aluminum ones I had. I also sharpened the bamboo ones, ( is this allowed?) and now it is soooo much easier to pick up the thread!  I started this yesterday, and it will take me quite a while, I know. Especially, since I have decided to not do anything else while I knit this. Like watch tv or compute. It needs all my attention. So, I just finished Chart A.. and so far so good. I am not saying I didn't make mistakes, but, at least to me, they are not noticeable. And, by the way, how DO those mistakes happen when you are being so very careful? Hmmmm. ? Like I said, send me your good thoughts, I will certainly need them!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Favorite Animal Exchange... what I made

Hi everyone,

Well, I can finally show what I made for my Ravelry exchange. It was "Favorite Animal" and my partner liked Tree Frogs! Well, since I am not experienced enough to knit her one, I thought I would try to crochet her one. I planned on tatting one too, but, I thought a tatted one would be too small for this exchange. So, I went to crocheting one. Now, I only know how to single crochet. That is all I could ever remember from what my sister tried to teach me. So, I just started crocheting, and oddly enough, with all the 3D tatting I do, it was pretty easy to make this GIANT tree frog! He is about 2ft long, and boy, it was hard to give him up!

Then, I made this little 3D tatted frog, and put magnets in him, so he could be put on the fridge, or hold her stitch markers, as he is doing in the photo. I love the big eyes! I really enjoyed the exchange, and am going to join in more next year! Hope you enjoy the photos!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Uuuunnnnnnnnnnnnn! That is what you say after a Zombie bites a hole in your head!
Here is my "Zombie ate my brain" Hat!!! I am in an exchange group on Ravelry, and found out recently
that they were going to have an Apocalypse/Zombie exchange next year. Well, I thought up this hat for it, and began working on it to see if I could do it. I knitted a basic hat, crocheted a little disk and sewed the disk inside the hat. Turned the hat right side out, and... GASP!... cut the hat open! That was really hard to do, as I had knitted the hat pretty nicely. Then I made brain matter from I-cord, and sewed it to the disk. I sewed little red veins into the brain and blood onto the hat for effect. I know, I know, there is no blood in the brain, but it looks creepier!  Really, I am a "pretty normal" person, but a friend of mine got me hooked on zombie video games a few years ago, so, that is why I thought this would be fuuuuunnnnnnn.
Here Rebel models the Brain Hat.

Monday, October 19, 2009

wooo WHO

Ta dah! I am very proud to present my Owl Gloves! First let me say, this is not my pattern, I got if off of Ravelry. Ok, now...this is the very first pair of gloves I have ever made. And, only the second cable pattern I have ever done.  I know, I know, there are mistakes in the finished product. It seems I can't knit without making mistakes. I really don't know how it happens either! But, they turned out, and I am very pleased with them.  I used 8" double pointed needles, or dpns as they are called. That is sort of long for dpns, but I want to make sure my stitches don't fall off. And, they didn't.  I am thinking of making another pair, to match another coat I have.  There is also an owl sweater I have been eyeing. But, I KNOW I can't make a sweater, so I saw where someone make a poncho like thing from that pattern, so, that is what I am thinking of making. We shall see. Christmas is coming soon, so, I will have to put that project on hold, as I have a couple of Christmas gifts I want to try to make. Anyway... I love my gloves...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brain slug

oh, poor Rebel has contracted a Brain Slug! This 'cute' little guy is from Futurama.. I saw some on Ravelry, and had to have one. I didn't use the pattern, because though I know very basically how to crochet, (don't ask me what stitches are what!) I can't follow a pattern. So, here he is.. free handed!
Don't worry, Rebel is ok!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cable Owl Cowl

YEAH! I just learned how to do a cable! I saw this pattern on Ravelry, and I thought it would really neat to wear to the next Harry Potter movie.  It is called the Owl Cowl.  It was pretty easy, I must say, and I love the little owls! I have to get little buttons to sew on for the eyes. The cowl came out the size the pattern said, but it was a little small for me, ( I have a large head, and also neck!) So, I wet it and stretched it a little. I may make another, this time adding 2 more owls, which only involves doing a repeat of the 'repeats' she has in the pattern. No prob. I LOVE IT!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Knitting for fun!

I saw this hat and I couldn't resist making it. It was reallllly easy, even for me. Now my Mom wants one! It is called the No hair (bad hair) day hat.  It actually fits me, but I thought Rebel made a better model!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My first knitting post

Just a brief paragraph about me. I just taught myself to knit in May. I have tatted for years, but wanted to learn to knit because I have accumulated so many knitting magazines and some needles over the years, and gone it...I should learn! So I went on the internet and voila'! I am still learning, a stitch at a time, but it is coming along. I joined the group, Ravelry.
OH! such a wonderful place full of great (many free) patterns and lovely people. If you would like to join, go here
Thanks for visiting and stay tuned...