Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Zombie swap revealed!

Wow.. this was such a surprise! A little back story..
I have been corresponding with swamps42 for a few months now on Ravelry. Well before the swap.
Well, I found out that she was my spoiler.. and boy, did she spoil me! I was so surprised and delighted by what she sent, I was almost in tears.
Here's why....
I openned my front door and there were two packages. One for me and one for Reble! She knit this fabulous sweater for Rebel! Isn't is lovely!!!  You can't get to me more than by loving on my dog!  It fits him perfectly, as you can see. She also sent the bed he is in!! The blanket you see behind him is one of the things she sent me. And it is mega soft!
Here is a close up of the yarn she hand-dyed for me! It is called Punk Entrails.  I am currently knitting a shoulder wrap with it!
She also sent the little zombie pin and bat lollipop!
This plastic brain, roaches and large sticker were also in the package. Let me say the brain looks so real in person!
The twinkies, ala Zombieland, are for energy, and of course I will need a zombie survival guide and something else to read in my spare time. The little ducky is soap.
Here is a photo of most of the stuff. The postcard is of  a park she used to live near. Beautiful!
I was so totally spoiled by swamps42 that I am still giggling.  She also told me she sent away to get me.. OMG... an autographed picture of David Tennant... Doctor Who! Who better than the Doctor to get you thru an apocalypse!
It takes months to arrive, so it hasn't arrived yet, but we are crossing our fingers it arrives!
Oh, Rebel reallllly wanted the brain. It smells like a doggy
but he isn't getting it. It is in one of my Halloween displays.
Thanks again swamps42!! Such an epic spoiler!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween crafts

If you know me, you know I crochet a lot of amigurumi. You also know I don't ever crochet from a pattern, as I just get lost and can't really read them. So, I tried something new. I found this cute skull that is a crocheted pattern, and decided to try it. Although I found out later I did some of the stitches wrong, I am really happy it turned out this good! Now little Yorick has a home in my Halloween decor.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Bat Shawl!!!
I finally finished it! Really, it only took me two months, which seems to be the going 'rate' of time... so I am ecstatic that I finished that soon! Yes.. the edging has problems..but that can be fixed later, if I do choose.
I am just pleased as punch to have it ready for Halloween! EEEE!

The second photo shows it face on.. but the sun made a little light swirl on the bottom..
that is not a hole! I used worsted weight instead of the sport weight.. and it turned out 80"x 40". Good thing, as I am evidently much larger than the original creator!
I also wanted to show how much yarn was left from three skeins..