Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Been knitting

I just had to show these. I am REALLY new to colorwork.. but I had to have these Doctor Who Tardis mitts. (the pattern was free on Ravelry).
There is a Doctor Who swap going on now.. and while searching Etsy for ideas, I found some Converse shoes, handpainted... with DW images. They were $180..(now $195 since the swap has begun, huh..)
anyway, I so loved them, and SO could not afford them... I went to my local WM store , bought some black hightops for $10... and painted them myself. I used images I liked, so, they are not exactly like the ones on Etsy.
I LOVE them. I wear them everywhere. Don't care that I am over 50 and wearing something 'young' people would wear. I have watched DW for YEARS, been a fan for years, and by golly, I am showing it. haha! I even bought extra pairs of close out shoes to paint. I haven't decided what to paint on the others yet.. Star Trek...Lord of the Rings...? I will figure it out later, for now, I am having fun wearing these.

Fantasy Creature swap ... sent

Another month, another swap! I love swaps so.
This month we feature the Fantasy Creature swap. In this one, the spoilee picks 5 top fantasy creatures, and you create from there.
This is what my spoilee, Blushed, picked.
Vampires, Gargoyles, Gnomes, Elves, Zombies.
Here is what she received from me,
She loves Twilight, and in 'stalking' her I found she really wanted someone
to make these finger puppets. I also created the little gargoyle from crochet.
The gnome bag and stitch markers... well, I found a picture of a cute gnome holding a child.
Then, I manipulated it in my paintshop.. and now he is ''gnitting". I found this cool gargoyle picture online, and made a stencil of it... now she and I both have a cool shirt. And of course, for the zombie night on the town.. my signature 'brain bag'.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Princess Bride swap received

This is what I received from valeta! I thought the Inigo thing was a shirt, turned out to be a project bag. Well, guess what. I took out the hem.. now it is a shirt! haha!
She made the blue and chocolate moebius scarf/cowl for me, there is the pattern for it, chocolates in a tin
stitch counter (love)  and beautiful purple cascade yarn. Yeah!