Friday, November 18, 2011

Ghost Swap goodness!

Another fabulous Ravelry swap has ended. The Ghost Stories swap. Here are the goodies I received from the wonderful Megdoula!
First of all, I received this very cool Photo box with spider webs on it. Do I need a photo box, heck yes! Also SweeTarts and yummy Choc. Raspberry Dove.. oh my, so decadent!
There was a Harry Potter card with a lovely note as well.
And, why was Rebel so interested in this box? He got some yummy treats and this oh, so, cute Halloween collar with little bats on it!
The dishcloth with the bat, is sort of a request. I wished that each of my spoilers would send me one dishcloth so that I could make a swap afghan. This is the second 5th one I have received!
She also send this BEAUTIFUL yarn! Wow, it is prettier in person. Awesome Spoonflower fabric swatch with vampires on it for my Halloween quilt, cute ceramic ghost, and handmade Halloween bottle cap magnets. So clever.
And last but not least, actually my favorite thing, a needle felted necklace of
Zero, the ghost dog from the Nightmare Before Christmas! I love it soooo much! I don't know
 how she did such small detail.. it is great
Thanks again Megdoula!