Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ravelry Favorite Author/Novel exchange

Good even'ing...(said in a Vampire accent)
My partner in the exchange just received her package, and one of her favorite genres is the vampire novel. So, I created this package based on the Twilight series... mostly.
I made her Bella's hat, a pattern from Ravelry. I am very glad, Jenni said it fit! I actually made another one first, but I thought it was too small, so got some larger yarn and made her a larger one. I also made this vampire bite necklace, which was not my original idea, but the one of meekssandygirl,  but still very cute. I did, however, make up the vampire's kiss ... lips with vampire teeth attached! I crocheted her an apple pincushion, and also tatted her an apple bookmark (Mark Myers' pattern) and a bat bookmark (my own pattern). She also got some Twilight stitch markers I made for her, some patterns, and other goodies as seen in the photo. I am glad she liked everything!!