Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chinese Dragon shawl... FINISHED 12-12-12!!!

Yatta! My Dragon shawl is finished! I love it so much! I thought after all the work I did on it, that I wouldn't want to do the beaded edging, but, it needed to be done, and I finished it today, on 12-12-12! What a great way to remember!
Here is the photo.. click on it to see it larger.
It is 68 inches at the widest point, a great size for me! I used around 1000 beads, give or take a few, on the edge. Wow, I can't believe I did it! I actually had to go online to learn to filet crochet, THAT'S how much I wanted this shawl.  I found a mistake on row 16 or so, when I was on row 18, so I had to rip back two rows, but really that was the only problem. I used 4 balls of crochet cotton (it called for 5), but I have heard others used more than 5.  The pattern was in the Interweave Crochet Magazine, Fall 2012.
If you are on Ravelry, you can see my project page (battatter) with pictures from the beginning and LOTS of notes.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chinese Dragon Shawl

Well, I haven't been knitting, but I have been crocheting. During the LOTR swap, a shawl was shown that I fell in love with. But the problem was, it was filet crocheted, and I didn't know how to do that (really, I am only a single crochet gal, doing mostly amigurmi, or toys).

So, I hunkered down and went online and learned to filet crochet. It is taking me a while to make this shawl, called the Chinese Dragon shawl, but it is going to be so worth it! I am hoping to have it finished before Christmas.  The pattern is in Interweave Crochet fall 2012. I can't show a picture, 'cos they are copywritten, but here is what I have so far of mine... if you can see, the wings are showing!
I have more than this finished at the moment, but not a recent photo. More to come!