Sunday, September 25, 2011

Halloween Spider.. done!

Here she is... isn't she lovely!.. and spooky!
She is a pattern by Hansi Singh (sp). I LOVE  how she turned out.
I did the pattern on her back free hand in duplicate stitch. The original pattern calls for just
making stripes, but I didn't want that.

Halloween Spider

I started working on my huge Halloween spider on Friday. I finished most of the legs that day. Saturday, I started the body. Finished the knitting of the body last night, and then did the duplicate stitch on it to make it look like a marbled orb weaver. I had planned a pattern, but the stitches are not in rows, per se, so that plan went out the windos. I just sort of free handed it. It came out very nice! I think this spider will be a very pretty one. I finished the fangs, and started knitting it together, well, I messed up and got off course, so I ripped it out and started again. That is where I am now.. knitting the fangs and legs together to make the head.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Favorite Movie swap.. what I made my partner.

Oh, I have been remiss! Here is what I sent my partner, Mothlight. Her favorite three movies where Coraline, La Belle et la Bete (French version of Beauty and the Beast), and Tremors.
               First of all.. Tremors. OMGosh how I loved making this Graboid for her! I really didn't want to send it once it was finished!  For those of you who don't know the movie, they are giant worm things that travel underground..really fast, and come up and eat you. They have snake like tongues, well, you can see in the photo. I also made her a dishcloth that mimics the license plate of one of the characters who is.. shall we say.. a gun nut. It says UZI 4 U.

Next, we have her favorite movie, Coraline. In this movie, a doll is found that looks just like her. So, I found a photo of my spoilee online, in a sweater she had just knitted for herself. I made her Coraline doll look just like her.
She also got a key necklace and
... a necklace of Coraline's blue octo toy, button bracelet, spider stitch markers. The hand holding the candle is from the Beauty and Beast movie.(candle holder for a cupcake)
Next, because I could, I made her some copies of things she wanted on Etsy..bird necklace, caterpillar necklace and Coraline looking stone earrings and necklace.
From La Belle et la Bete, which I could only watch online in 9 short videos which made up the whole movie..
The Beast's magic glove, and a key fob with a Rose, key and a photo from the movie.
It really is a hoot to see this movie! It is in French, though it has subtitles. The thing is from the 40's, and is so kooky! You should check it out!
I also sent some little bee buttons she wanted, and a pattern.. Paper Dolls. I had a blast making this stuff!

Favorite Movie swap is here!

I had a long wait for my swap package, but it was well worth the wait.  Thanks to the wonderful Mullub.
Here are the pictures..
Here is a photo of everything.. except an extra pattern she sent me as a 'sorry it was so late' gift. The pattern was for Smoke Ring.. a Lord of the Rings pattern from Susan Pandorf. I covet all of her patterns, they are so lovely.
In this picture you see the Red Namaste needle holder case, Imagination Looking Glass yarn from Knitpicks, Alice in Wonderland project bag, dark blue sandstone stitch markers, Tim Burton Movie book, Duck stickpins, duck candies,  Susan Bates Circular needles,  Soak x2, BEAUTIFUL Alice in Wonderland Victorian Cuffs!
Close ups of the great gifts.
She did a great job of stalking me. I LOVE  the cuffs. I put them on with my Denim jacket, and they look so fantastic! The bag is to die for, so handy and I love the fabric. The stitch markers, well I have loved sandstone for ages.. and blue? Gorgeous.
The book was quite interesting. All about Tim's movies, of which I am a fan. The needle case well, that is just opulent. haha. Love it.
The yarn, I love, as I just really love the Imagination yarns. I can make the Smoke Ring from it, and probably will! If you are watching, thanks for the great swap package, Mullub!

Halloween Knitting

I am currently in a Ghost Stories swap on Ravelry, so I am in the mood for making Halloween things. I have most of her things finished, just a couple small things to go.
I have decided to do spiders for Halloween this year. I am knitting the Hansi Singh(sp) Spider at the moment. I had to learn to do a wrap and turn, no problem. I have all the legs finished, and have started the body. I am making it more of a Halloween Orb Weaver. I am knitting the legs and head in black, and the abdomen in Orange. I will duplicate stitch in a weaver pattern on the abdomen in black when it is finished. I would have done it in intarsia or fair isle, but I didn't know and couldn't find out, where I should begin to have it centered on the back.  I have also learned how to M1L and M1R. Oh, how I love the internet! I have learned everything about knitting (correctly) from the internet. My sister showed me how to knit many many years ago, but only the very simple cast on, which I never use now, and actual knitting the stitches.. was all backwards and wrong. Now, I know how to do so much more and correctly, I am having a ball. Watch this page for pics of the Spider to come...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Whovian mittens really finished!

Ok, here is a photo of them.. completely finished. What a difference that little TARDIS light makes (at least to me).
My current knitting project is another Wa na na na na na na na Bat shawl. I am making it from fingering weight yarn(so little), that I bought from Etsy originally to make one. My first try with this yarn was a disaster, as I was really new to knitting and messed up practically every row. This time, knock wood, it is going much better.
So far..