Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What to make?

I have been learning to knit and doing these exchanges so much recently, that I have literally NOTHING to put in the fair. I am thinking of some knitting I can put in next year, you know, things I want to get finished, but, I don't think my knitting is good enough to enter this year. So, I will be probably only post swap things here for a bit, while I do some tatting for the fair... in JULY!!!
I am making some dishcloth patterns in Halloween motifs to put together to make myself an afghan, though. I will post each as I do it.

What I sent as the Lord of the Rings swap

My spoilee, RainbowConnection, finally got her package, so I can show what I made her here now. I went a little crazy this time.. she liked this scarf, and since it was leafy..and elvish-y, I made it. I need to make myself one now, I thought it was so cool.
I made these Hobbit ears. I saw some online somewhere on Etsy, I think, and made her a pair. I also made the earcuff on the ear you see.
This is meant to be a headband, or, if you pull it down to your neck, a collar to wear over a t-shirt. It has little leaves on it.. see?
These mushrooms, and bookmarks were just for fun.
Here is also another handmade item.. the little wooden box thing in the center. It is like a little wooden sachel, and I wood burned her real name in Elvish on one side, and her computer name, RainbowConnection, in Elvish on the other side. I bought enough yarn for her to make a shawl, as she said she wanted to try that. She also received the other things here.
I haven't received my package yet, nor do I know who it is coming from. I will post here when I get it! Should be pretty soon!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Alice swap gifts arrive!

I received my Alice in Wonderland swap gifts and they are awesome! Here is a photo of my most fav thing.. the Cheshire Cat! Isn't he adorable?  He is sitting next to my handpainted (by me) Alice in Wonderland teapot. People who really know me, know I don't really like cats, but I have always loved the Cheshire Cat for some reason. Loopiedoo (her online name) did a great job of making him for me. And look what else I got... This oooooh so soft yarn. Baby Alpaca..chunky. 105 yds. I don't know what I will make from it, but it will be fab!
And, all of these other great things! Alice mints, tea in the tin, music from the movie, notepads galore, napkins, bookmark of the cat, baby mock turtle, and a book on how to knit socks!! What a great swap partner!!!