Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lord of the Rings swap 2012!

Oh, my gosh, this was such an epic swap! You would not believe the amount of work and creativity people put into their packages!
I tried my best, and think I did ok. My spoilee was ashpags, and here is what she got.
She got a chunky leaf shawl, with a real Mallorn leaf pin. Fellowship stitch markers I made, with a glow in the dark Gandalf. Felted quiver with a mallorn leaf to hold knitting needles or a water bottle. Celtic tatted necklace, knitted leafy mitts (I really love those!), Eye of Sauron pin cushion, hand painted Tree of Gondor shirt, tatted spider and web bookmark, leaf fabric,  moon and star bracelet ('cos she is an astronomer!), and since it was her birthday, I made a little Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy necklace of a whale and a petunia.
 She also received haribu candy, Crunchies (dried fruit), and a few patterns.  Oh, and she also received THE ONE RING!. I don't know why I didn't have a photo of it. hm.

Then, I waited patiently for my package. And when it arrived... well, I was floored!
Can you believe she made all of this for me!? First the Smaug socks. Yes, I said socks! So beautiful! She made this giant Smaug dragon quilted project bag! It is fabulous!  Next, Endomiel mittens with Arwen's necklace as the cable pattern. Gorgeous! She also made me this super awesome Dragon's Egg purse. I love it so!
Really, there was more! I couldn't believe it. She hand covered this journal and gave me pens in my favorite colors, knitted a Shelob square to go on my Ravelry Halloween afghan,  she made the Elven ear cuffs (sooo cute!). She also got me some crystals and hand wired one to make a necklace. Also, a dragon bookmark and keychain, beautiful little stitch markers, raspberry tea, no bake cookies (they are almost gone now!), and she made Rebel a rattle toy dog bone and sent him some chicken treats. (which he LOVED). Finally, she sent the rest of the leftover yarn from the socks which turned out to be 160 yards. And, some other beautiful blue and black yarn. She hand dyed the yarns, so they are even more special! Wow.. I made out like a bandit, didn't I.  YEAH!!! Thanks to Hermionejean!!!

Star Wars swap to and fro!

I had the pleasure of being in a Star Wars swap recently. This is what I made for my swap partner, Caitinc.
She loves Keroppi, and so I made her a Keroppi Yoda. I also made the Ewok purse, hood for the vintage ewok, Yoda hat for her dog, (being modelled by Rebel), a Journal with an original Ewok toy cover, Stitch markers, Han Solo soap, Tatted necklace she liked on Etsy(I made her a copy), light saber needle holder, Nightmare before Christmas stitch markers, little Millennium Falcon necklace. I also bought her dpn holders, candy, Wookie Cook Book, yanr, and gave her some vintage cups and Kneesa bank I had.
Here's what I received from my partner. Well, she wasn't my original partner. My original partner
'flaked' on me, and they had to get someone to fill in for her. As a result, I received the package over a month later. But, it was worth the wait! And You-von did a great job!
She sent me a very cool t shirt with Jack Russells on it, yay! She also sent these uber soft mitts, gorgeous yarns, and all the toys! There is a SW tin box full of stickers, little Yoda, mini figurines and extras, playing cards,  and Mug and insulated cup (I use those every day!) and a blow up light sabre. You can see.. Rebel likes playing with that! Thanks a bunch You-von!!