Tuesday, November 12, 2013

wooooooo Halloween!

OMG... what fun I had in the Halloween swaps!
Here is what I received in the MINI, yes, I said mini, Hootin' Halloween swap.  This was unbelieveable!  The cowl, has giant spiders knitted into it.  She sent all the yarn to make the mittens I wanted, plus the pattern, the jewelry and the zombie (!) stitch markers she got from etsy. I kept saying to myself as I openned the packages.."this is crazy!" Wow, I loved everything soooo much! Thank you Diabro!

This is what I sent my spoilee...angiedawnc
The felted witch hat (full size) I hand needle felted the sun and moon on. It was a favorite logo of hers. I made the cat bag, stitchers, cat box, cat ornament, and owl pin.

In another swap, the Creatures of the Night mini swap, it was a personal swap I did with ChrisFixedKitty, here's what she sent me...
I love everything! The yarn bowl ..which has a Doctor Who 'crack in the wall" crack in the glaze, the bee necklace and there are earrings to match too, the bat bag, cute little bat, stitchers galore, zombie duck...and a bone tatting shuttle and thread winder!!!!!!
Here is what I sent her. She is really into steampunk so..

...I made her a steampunkin! haha.. And an adorable, if I do say so myself, steampunky Octopus knitting a bat scarf. She also wants to get into tatting, so I sent a tatting book and a bookmark I designed myself. Mint Meltaways..something she loves but can't get where she lives. I had never had them. wow.. they are good!

And finally, my last Halloween Vampire swap from knitredsox...
 the cloth is a giant skull and crossed bones, adorable bat bag, bat cookie cutter, and I adore the bat acrylic necklace! 
Here is what I sent my swap partner. She liked Twilight, so got Bella's mittens and a headband that matched, and some other cool stuff.

Oh yeah, I had a wonderful time Halloween swapping this year!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

OMG what was I thinking!?

 As you may know if you read my blogs.. I love Halloween.  So, when the opportunity came about to be in a Halloween swap, I jumped at it.... um 4 times. Yeah, I am crazy.
Luckily, one was a small swap, with a small budget and small requirements. (though, I did go over the required items a bit). And, only two at a time overlap, so, that is helpful, too.  And when I shop for one, I can shop for them all at the same time. Well, all but one, as it starts soon, and I don't have my partner yet. All of these swaps are on Ravelry.com.
I am in the Tiny Owl Knits Hootin' Halloween mini swap.. it is only a month long and the small budget. It is finished except for something I ordered which had to be re-ordered because they sent the wrong color. It ends Oct 15th, so.. it is almost over.
I am also in the Halloween Vampire Swap.  It is coming along great, I think she will be pleased with her items. This one ends Oct. 19th.. I have a couple of weeks left to craft for this.
I am also in the Creatures of the Night swap.  I have not gotten my partner yet, but soon! It ends at the end of Nov. so, I have lots of time there.
I was also contacted by ChrisFixedKitty, and asked if I wanted to do a small "Creatures" swap with her while doing the big one. I said yes. WHAT? am I nuts. No, I just love Halloween. I have never been in a Halloween swap on Ravelry, per se, so I guess I am going a little overboard this year! haha. (I did receive a Halloween themed "holiday' swap once...a couple of years ago, but I didn't send out a Halloween package.)
This one, we decided, should be mailed by Oct. 25, so we could both have our packages by Halloween. I don't understand why the "Creatures" one ends in Nov. but.. oh well!
   I also signed up for a Christmas swap. The Tiny Owl Knits group is having a TOKmas swap.  I have received my partner, and have been making plans. The package must arrive before Dec 15 (so I have time), and we are all (well as many as can do) meet up on the internet at the same time to open our gifts! It will be and internet Christmas, well TOKmas, party. This should be fun. I have never been in a Christmas swap, either!
Well, I had better stop writing and get to crafting! I have a lot to do!!!!!!!

Star Trek swap 2013

How could I not be in a Star Trek swap? I have watched and loved it since it first appeared on my TV in the 60's! So, here is what I created for my swap partner Entropy..
she said she loved amigurumi toys, but couldn't make them. I made her the crew of the Enterprise, plus a little kitty mascot.. and Tribbles! I also crocheted her crew insignia coasters. I made her a "Boldy Go" shawl pin, stitch markers, project bags, and the calendar cover is a copy of a painting I made years ago. I also beaded her a Spock bracelet!

Here is what I received from my swap partner caranam!
First of all it all came in the fabulous handmade tote!!

She wrote me a little story, and I was to open each gift when the story said to do so. It was fun! I got glow suns and stars, a book "Redshirts", a bat dishcloth, iron on, a Tribble who cries!, a Tricorder box (so clever) that had puppy snips in it, a Wrath of Khan journal, some awesome malabrigo and hand-dyed yarn, and the BEST LEMON COOKIES EVER!
And the absolute best...

Doctor Who -apaloosa Swap!!! 2013

This swap was for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. I love DW, and have watched it for years!
Here is what I made  my swap partner Zara

as you can see, I go a little overboard when it comes to Doctor Who. I tatted her Anne's bookmark, and I also tatted her a Starry Night and the Tardis necklace. I made up the little Tardis, and used little Celtic knots in the necklace. The Dalek bag was the hardest thing to make... as sewing machines hate me.

Here is what I received from Skienymom.
Wow. I love the giant Doctor tote,  the shirts she painted ( I wear them all the time!) and the welcome mat, well everything! The shoes, she had a friend paint, and I love them as well and wear them constantly! So much fun!!!!

Swaps The Big Bang Theory...

Wow.. it has been a while since I posted!
Ok, let's see.
Here is what I made for my swap partner twowackykids in The Big Bang Theory swap which was in Feb!
This is what I received from my swap partner..
Misskineta. I LOVE the Oncoming storm/Dalek mitts!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Zombie Girl...Lori Grimes

So, the Knitting Dead group I am in decided to have a contest. We are to create a zombie girl, and the winning girl will be shipped to each of the members to have a photo op with each of us. Think, travelling gnome? Anyway, I decided to create a Lori Grimes doll.
 Lori, for those who don't know, was on the Walking Dead. She was the wife of Rick, the leader of the survivors, and she was always 'misplacing' her child Carl, and stirring up trouble. Anyway she died a pretty horrible death in childbirth, and then Carl, her 13 yr old son, had to shoot her in the head to prevent her from becoming a zombie. Poor kid. Anyway, my Zombie Girl doll is based on what Lori may have become if Carl's bullet had somehow missed its mark, and she had become a zombie.

Zombie Lori Grimes
Back of ZLG (brain with Carl's bullet sticking out)
Scary face!!!
So bad.. she scared Rebel!!!
Wish me luck that my ZGL wins!


First Ever Knitting Dead BOB Swap!

Hello! As you may know, I am on Ravelry. There are many many 'groups' on there, and one of mine is called The Knitting Dead... based on The Walking Dead tv show. We talk about the show, watch the show together, and knit, among other things, Zombies.
Well, we just had our first swap, and it was a doozy! The BOB in the title is for Bug out Bag. It is the bag you have prepacked with whatever you need to survive. We had to create a bag for our swap partner. Here is what I created for my swap partner, Coleyann. As you can see, she has a bag, a brain bag, Kindle cover(with Dalek and Tardis), Arrow ink pen, Zombie shawl pin, Dalek hat, Zombie pin cushion, T shirt, survival kit, Cashmere yarn, earrings, Zombie stitch markers, fabric buttons,keychain and toy of our beloved Daryl, patterns and treats for her and her dog. I had a ball creating most everything.
And here, is what I received from my spoiler, WonderWhyGal. She has her own business, and sent me a BUNCH of stuff that she usually sells. Oh was I spoiled!
Two, count them two books, Rick Grimes doll, chocolate Daryl's motorcycle, bat ribbon, knitting wash, bat stickers, so cute zombie stitch markers, awesome wet felted bag with zombie pins (really? this thing took a ton of work!!), TWD calendar, Bat Bag, a project bag from her business with a cute alpaca on it, sweet little knitted bat I named Dixon, Goat milk soaps, Yeti breath lip balm(it is soooo smoooth!) great smelling little candle, and the yarn, oh the yarn! Four skeins of awesome alpaca!!! So soft! I was really spoiled!!!
Here is the first Zombie Feltie I made from the book. I love him!