Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Video Game swap goodies!

Here is what I received from PoisonedPeach in the Videogame swap. I told her I liked Resident Evil, Silent Hill, (zombie games) and Final Fantasy (there are 13 of them!~)
Here is what she came up with.. such awesomeness!
First.. number one comics of the aforementioned games! yay!
Stitch Bow floss holders and organizer for my tatting,  Dpns in the Umbrella Corps (Resident Evil) colors of red and white, and sooo cool, brain shaped ice cube trays!!,...wait there's more...
Check out the goodies to eat! There is gamers grub, made especially so as not to get goo on your controller, Nintendo tin of candy, soo cute, Mana Potion enerygy drink, for when my hp gets low fighting monsters in Final Fantasy, and the Blood Bag! So funny! It is also an energy drink, and oh so zombieness fun!!
Here I am in my very own Moogle (Final Fantasy) hat! Isn't it adorable? She wasn't sure if I would want the face on it, so she sent me the nose in case I did.. and I do. I think it will add to the cuteness of it, as if it isn't cute enough already! Thanks so much PoisonedPeach!!