Friday, July 6, 2012

Harry Potter swap.. from ladymay

Wow. Want to see what I received from ladymay? First, I received this HUGE box! (I couldn't stop saying "holy crap"!haha..)
You can see how big it is compared to my big boy Rebel.
Open says me...
Look at all the packages.. plus one not shown..
My very own mandrake! And the gloves to handle it with! I named it Manny.
Cute little project bag and doggy fabric!!!
Tons of candy from Honeydukes..yum
Mini skeins, and project bag from "Lily".
Cool calendar that talks, my patronus.. dog, HP book, sorcerer's stone, Butterbeer mug,
and my new favorite thing to eat... cracked pepper triscuits!
Phoenix project bag and ribbon
HP postcards and bag from exhibit!!
Beautiful yarns and large picture of gifts.
Closer view of yarn and counter and scissors.
Patterns! Yeah! I love these patterns.. and have since made two shawls
from one of them!
And last but not least.. slippers. So comfy!
See? I got really spoiled! Thanks so much ladymay.