Friday, June 3, 2011

Swappy Goodness!

Another awesome swap has come and gone. But, oh, my children.. this one was so important. This was the Doctor Who swap! I had been waiting for this all year! First I will show you what I received from my most fabulous spoiler, Paula.
This package arrived in the mail. Note the so cute little 'evil' ducks on the tape. (I saved them!)
Inside everything was wrapped in sparkly papers with little star stickers and glittery blue yarn(saved that too!).
Serendipitously.. the first package I openned.. was the socks. Oh how I wanted those socks. I hugged them and said aloud..'I LOVE her!!(My sister and Rebel were watching me open everything, so I wasn't just talking to myself, though, I probably would have..)
They fit, and I love those socks! She also made me this cute project bag from the wonderful DW fabric from It even has a pocket on the outside! Fabulous yarn in Adipose colorway.. what will I make from this! Plus the cute pin!. She handmade River's journal for me.. it looks just like River's. A little tin of apple mints, and the little repurposed tin with the TARDIS held the oh, so, scary, Blink Angel necklace! EEEEEk.
I had written that I would love to get a kinder egg.. which are extremely hard to get in the US.. and she sent me 4! Wow. Below them is what was inside them, not to mention the nommy chocolate. Lastly, she sent treats for my sweet! He loved them, and he is usually picky about treats! Thanks so much to Paula for spoiling me rotten!

Ok, here is a one shot of the things I made for holynarf. She especially likes Doctor number 5.. so, her package was more or less him.. and the TARDIS. The cowl is called Tilting was, for some reason, hard for me to make, but I preservered! The mitts,.. no sweat.  I painted the tote to look like DW#5's Cricket outfit. The Tardis wine box, painted, Tatted Tardis, Steampunk Tardis in bottle fob, Spoonflower Fabric, Doctor Who cursive shawl pin, celery, angel, and adipose stitch markers, and Tardis dumpling bag. I am so sorry this swap is over. It was a lot of fun! Plus, our group set a record of over 30,000 posts!!! We had 77, I believe, swappers in this swap.. but wow, 30,000? That is unbelievable!