Thursday, October 3, 2013

Star Trek swap 2013

How could I not be in a Star Trek swap? I have watched and loved it since it first appeared on my TV in the 60's! So, here is what I created for my swap partner Entropy..
she said she loved amigurumi toys, but couldn't make them. I made her the crew of the Enterprise, plus a little kitty mascot.. and Tribbles! I also crocheted her crew insignia coasters. I made her a "Boldy Go" shawl pin, stitch markers, project bags, and the calendar cover is a copy of a painting I made years ago. I also beaded her a Spock bracelet!

Here is what I received from my swap partner caranam!
First of all it all came in the fabulous handmade tote!!

She wrote me a little story, and I was to open each gift when the story said to do so. It was fun! I got glow suns and stars, a book "Redshirts", a bat dishcloth, iron on, a Tribble who cries!, a Tricorder box (so clever) that had puppy snips in it, a Wrath of Khan journal, some awesome malabrigo and hand-dyed yarn, and the BEST LEMON COOKIES EVER!
And the absolute best...

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  1. Very cool!

    I also member watching the original Star Trek shows too. My boyfriend later husband would drive me nutso on Friday nites mainly when we were going out that night, ughhh!! He always, well 99.9% of the time had to finish watching the show before he'd come get me and they were reruns that he had already seen, oooh he used to make me sooo mad, still does actually! Haha