Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Year, new, well not really, knit projects.

Whoa.. haven't posted in a while.
So... I decided this year, 2014, I am going to finish my UFOs. UnFinished  Objects, for those who don't know. I have a few. I usually do a lot of swaps, but I haven't seen any that interest me for quite a while, so, I am doing the UFO thing.
First off.. Just Batty Socks. I am almost finished with them! I have sock one done, and  most of sock two done. I LOVE these socks! They are my very first pair of socks knitted by me! I bought the pattern for myself for Christmas, (friends and family are not on Ravelry, so can't see my wishlist there).
I used purple and black instead of the recommended orange and black. Yes, the orange would show the pattern more, but I love purple and black together.
I also left of the first chart, because I wanted shorter ankle socks instead of knee socks. I was unsure about the 'chemistry' of making them fit, but somehow it worked out! They fit!
Here's a picture of sock one.
I love that checkerboard bottom!

For my next UFO... my Bat Shawl. Yes, I did do a Bat shawl a while back in worsted, but I began one in lace weight yarn quite some time ago. I will be gorgeous when it is finished, as the yarn is beautiful. I just have to finish it. 
Here is a pic of the beginning of it...
you can't see in this pic how pretty the yarn is, but I'll post more when it is finished. It is purple, black, blue.. it is called Galaxy.
Plus the bats eyes are purple glass beads. My idea, not part of the pattern.

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  1. Ohh the socks are really pretty cool and the designs on them look awesome, grrreat job!

    I do like your bat shawl too and I’m quite sure people ooh and ahh over it when you wear it out! Very nice, Carol!